Every Time I Run

Author Matteo Burani and Arianna Gheller

Views 889

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Every day is the same as others. Boredom, technology and social networks have all made similar automatons. They are pale, with dark circles and wear the identical clothes. They are unable to look at the sky.
A man lives his boring routine: he wakes up, sleepily takes the subway, goes to work. Headphones, music and social media are the only anesthetic of the morning.
Suddenly he becomes petrified realizing the disturbing black presences that weigh on the backs of all the people he meets. Horrified, he tries to escape from the dark shadows and then realizes that he has his own. Escape will not be useful!
The protagonist is swallowed up in a disturbing limbo of hooked hands which try to catch him to make him become one of the many automatons. Only one person is able to save him from his condition: MEI, the singer who will reveal the secret to redeem himself ... maybe!

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