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An academic creative research project that explores Chronophotography as a medium for conceptual and aesthetic inspiration. The film uses and expands on the strata stencil animation technique that combines 3D animation; laser cutting/engraving and stop frame film techniques to produce the short film. The film reveals animated motion and presents it in a way that is unique and intriguing to the viewer. It is a conceptual approach to animation production that aims at revealing what the eye does not see because of the limitations of human perception. It explores ideas of time, constructed motion, the viewer’s perception and ways of experiencing animated motion.

The film focusses exclusively on character animation and studies motion from the Golden Age of American animation – a time where the potential for the medium was being explored. The film explores animation techniques like squash and stretch; multiples and the smear, which are not normally perceptible to the viewer in real-time but are essential for giving meaning to animated movement.

The film is accompanied by an exhibition of the production work at the Wits Art Museum in Johannesburg South Africa from 18 February – 18 April 2020.

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