Polícia do Mundo

Author Gabriel Kempers e Pedro Dias Carneiro

Views 1100

Votes 44


Syria, Guatemala, Cuba, Indonesia, Libya, Bosnia, Sudan, Kuwait, Afghanistan... and numerous more. Police of the World is an animated panorama of all the sovereignties that were once threatened by the "great" nation, and the impacts of these policies in the life of the young.

Music Polícia do Mundo by Vovô Bebê

Aline Gonçalves - Clarinet
Karina Neves - Flute
Jonas Hocherman - Bass and Tenor Trombone
Guilherme Lirio - Bass
Tomas Rosati - Percussion
Uirá Bueno - Drums
Ana Frango Elétrico - Vocals
Gabriel Ventura - Effects
Pedro Dias Carneiro - Vocals and Guitar
Duda Mello - Mixing
Label - Risco

Directed and animated by Gabriel Kempers


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