Deus ex Ma(s)china. Story of a God

Author Lorenz Foth

Views 1008

Votes 91


This short film is the 4th short film of the series Deus ex Ma(s)china, which is about an AI (called 'Deus ex Ma(s)china' or 'DEM') that takes control over world politics. This AI intends to establish global social equality, sustainability and a better and peaceful world. The AIs goal is to improve the life conditions and the life quality for all humans (and other living beings).
But as the story develops, some humans feel unhappy with the power that the AI possesses. They start revolting and eventually a war breaks out. A war between humans in support of the DEM and anti-DEM fanatics. The DEM itself is not involved in the war. This portrays a new challenge for the AI. How can it end the war without making use of violence?

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