Autor Wilmien Kotze, Owen van Rooy,Jessi Ochse,Conor Smith,Vasco Mendes,Shaun Botha

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While on a hunt, a young hunter and his father make their way through the wilderness, cautiously tracking a deer. Finding himself unable to kill the creature, the young son is reprimanded by his frustrated father, who wounds the deer for him and pressures him to pursue it ahead. Dashing off to find his quarry, the son happens upon a forest spirit, and experiences a revelation toward life and how to treat it,as he watches the guardian heal the deer. However the moment is shattered when the guardian is killed by none other than the boy's father who claims its mask as a trophy. Horrified, the son stands up to his father and attempts to retrieve the mask from him, only to be injured in the altercation. Now the owner of the mask, the sons father experiences a transformation into the very thing he had killed and is shouldered with its responsibility as a protector of life.

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