TAP Airlines Commander

Oliveira Rosa

As we go through life, we come into contact with many different people from many walks of life but only a few of them really inspire us. Sometimes it only takes a word or a gesture to captivate us. Sometimes it is the happy coincidence of being seated next to them on a flight, bumping into them at an exhibition or seeing them across a crowded room. There is a word for such people: charismatic.

In the meetings and conversations about the BANG Awards and the cultural, historical and identity issues there is always something more to add, another story to be told, another pathway to explore.

It was in such a way that Life introduced us to Commander Oliveira Rosa a person who always has a smile on his face, who is calm, professional, cultured and well-travelled. Happily for us, he was inspired by the BANG Awards from the first, transporting him and us - across borders beyond those we had imagined. His infectious enthusiasm has motivated others to join the project.

This Ambassador for the BANG Awards has forged a strong link with our initiative. His knowledge and dedication have been fundamental in the development of a more ambitious and wide-ranging 5th edition, taking it towards new worlds and challenges.

It is an honour to be able to live alongside someone who is so determined to help others.

We thank the BANG Awards Ambassador for having accepted our invitation and for his sincere belief that projects like these inspire and motivate people to share their knowledge and love of the arts with the world.

We wish to share the example Commander Oliveira Rosa has set us with the BANG participants and audience. He has inspired us by his actions and his thoughts.

Let them put into practice what he has taught us: to believe in ourselves and put what we believe into action.