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The story tells the life of Lui, who is a hawksbill turtle in danger of extinction, we will see his birth, and progressively how he becomes an adult.

In this adventure he will meet Griffin, a yellow butterfly fish, who lives in the reefs near where Lui is normally living. The two of them will become inseparable, and from the moment they met, one always moved side by side with the other.

Everything was going great in the sea, until one day a boat of poachers arrived in the area where Lui was, and since that moment, their life took a 360° turn.

After that event, different things happened that resulted in the fact that the only thing that remained of Lui was his shell, which later became an object that many people use in their daily lives.

My motivation for telling this story is to create awareness in people about the respect that should be given to defenseless animals; I would like to try to make people more aware of their actions and see the background of things, that they can come to see that an object is just an object, but a life is worth more.

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