To Garbo and Lenin

Author Jessica Laurén

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Greta Garbo and Vladimir Lenin meet at PUB's department store in Stockholm one day in April 1917.
Vladimir is on his way through Stockholm home to Petrograd after a long time in European exile and needs to buy a suit.
Greta lives in the city and works at the hat's department.
They both have lost a dream, which is the starting point for a conversation that lasts all day as they walk through the city. Vladimir gets immediately affected by young Greta's enigmatic beauty, while Greta has a more reluctant approach from the start - but quite soon they both open up for each other in another way while they learn that they are dealing with the same existential issues.
Vladimir, who has planned for the big Russian revolution for several years, feels side-stepped by the February revolution, in which he didn't have any part, and is about to give up his mission in life.
Greta, who has dreamed about being an actress since childhood, has realized that she has to turn down an opportunity to be a film star in order to keep her job at the department store, though she needs the job to be able to support her poor family. Even she is slowly giving up on her life goal.
While walking through the town they manage to inspire each other to go on with their dreams - something they couldn't do for themselves but can do for each other.
After the long walk they have coffee and absinthe at Blanch's Café and give each other their new names - Garbo and Lenin.
In the evening the train is leaving for Petrograd, and at the train station Lenin wants Garbo to follow him to Russia in the East, but Garbo has got her own plans - she is going West, to Hollywood.
Lenin gets desperate and suggests that he will give up politics and follow her to Hollywood, but she wants to be alone seeking her luck in her own way.
Lenin finally gives up and their journeys continue in opposite directions.

The film is a playful mix of historical facts and fiction, animation and live action.

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