Plucky Pudge and the Breakneck Bug

Author Paige Newman, Frankie Thibodeau, Lynn Stillwell, Aeisha Cirunay, Tyler Andrews, Diego Pena, Sarah Marlow, Nydia Valdez, Truman Crump, Vanessa Tam, Zichen Yang, Cecilia Woolley

Views 2401

Votes 164


There is only one place in the big whole world of his owner's house that Pudge is not allowed to go into... The kitchen. Filled with dangerous obstacles and plenty of places for a fat lizard like himself to get stuck in, it is much better to stay in the cozy living room. However, one fateful afternoon, our protagonist finds himself exactly where he's not supposed to be - all in pursuit of a trickster bug who would make the perfect afternoon snack... if only he could catch it.

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